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Brand : Sony | Code : PMW-300K1
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Professional Monitor LCD 24"
Brand : Sony | Code : LMD-2451W
The new LMD-2451W is a 24-inch widescreen LCD monitor designed for demanding broadcast and professional applications. Redefining high performance in the mid-market sector, the new model incorporates a full HD resolution 1920x1200 WUXGA LCD panel, displaying high brightness and c
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Tarjeta SxS de 64GB
Brand : Sony | Code : SBS-64G1B
Rugged, proven technology to support all the recording features of the XDCAM EX camera lineup
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Batería de larga duración
Brand : Sony | Code : BP-U60
14.4 volt, 56Wh battery for XDCAM handheld camcorders and portable decks. The BP-U60 uses a communication line with the XDCAM camcorders, whereby the precise remaining capacity can be displayed on the camcorder's LCD and viewfinder. The battery information display on LCD is avail
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ODA Recording Unit
Brand : Sony | Code : ODS-D77U
ODS-D77U has very high transfer speeds. Read is 1.1Gbps. Write-once is 440 Mbps and Rewritable is 160 Mbps (verify on). Performance varies based on type of cartridge.
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Aluminum tripod kit with 509HD head
Brand : Manfrotto | Code : 545GBK
509HD fluid head (Ø100mm) + 545GB twin aluminum legs tripod with ground spreader + padded bag. The 509HD is the result of an important technical evolution - the perfect synthesis between an innovative “bridge architecture” and Manfrotto’s cutting edge engineering: Bridging Techno
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Solution multi-connection table mounting with automatic opening
Brand : Kramer | Code : TBUS-201xl
The Kramer TBUS-201 provides an extremely simple, affordable and elegant multi-connection boardroom solution with automatic one-touch opening. Pressing down gently on the lid, the unit opens and closes pneumatically. The TBUS-201 is easy and quick to install and flexible to conf
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1.5TB rewritable optical disc cartridge (ODC)
Brand : Sony | Code : ODC-1500R
The 1.5 TB capacity write-once optical disc cartridge offers an alternative to LTO or traditional forms of data tape for the longer-term archiving of valuable assets. Sony optical disc cartridges are available in 300 GB, 600 GB, 1.2 TB and 1.5 TB capacity sizes, in re-writable ..
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Brand : Sennheiser | Code : EW D1-845-S
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Brand : Sony | Code : UWPD11/30
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