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Video cámara XDCAM
Marca : Sony | Clave : PMW-300K1
Sony’s new PMW-300K1 XDCAM camcorder is the first semi-shoulder mount camcorder to combine the benefits of 1/2-inch type Exmor™ Full HD 3CMOS sensor technology with 50Mbps HD recording at MPEG HD422, meeting broadcast standards around the world...
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Monitor profesional LCD de 24"
Marca : Sony | Clave : LMD-2451W
The new LMD-2451W is a 24-inch widescreen LCD monitor designed for demanding broadcast and professional applications. Redefining high performance in the mid-market sector, the new model incorporates a full HD resolution 1920x1200 WUXGA LCD panel, displaying high brightness and c
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Tarjeta SxS de 64GB
Marca : Sony | Clave : SBS-64G1B
Rugged, proven technology to support all the recording features of the XDCAM EX camera lineup
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Batería de larga duración
Marca : Sony | Clave : BP-U60
14.4 volt, 56Wh battery for XDCAM handheld camcorders and portable decks. The BP-U60 uses a communication line with the XDCAM camcorders, whereby the precise remaining capacity can be displayed on the camcorder's LCD and viewfinder. The battery information display on LCD is avail
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Unidad independiente de archivo en disco óptico
Marca : Sony | Clave : ODS-D77U
ODS-D77U has very high transfer speeds. Read is 1.1Gbps. Write-once is 440 Mbps and Rewritable is 160 Mbps (verify on). Performance varies based on type of cartridge.
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Disco Duro Portátil de 1TB (FW800 / USB 3.0)
Marca : Sony | Clave : PSZ-HA1T
Segura y rápida para los flujos de trabajo actuales Sony es pionero en el flujo de trabajo basado en archivos con Professional Disc de alta capacidad y la tecnología de tarjeta de memoria SxS de alta velocidad. En 2013, Sony amplía aún más su gama profesional con el lanzamiento de las u ...
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Disco Duro Portátil de 2TB (USB 3.0/Thunderbolt)
Marca : Sony | Clave : PSZ-HB2T
Disco duro portátil con conectividad Thunderbolt, gran durabilidad y software de configuración El disco duro portátil PSZ-HB1T proporciona 1 TB de capacidad de almacenamiento con interfaces USB 3.0 y Thunderbolt para mejorar la conectividad. La resistente carcasa de silicona logra una u ...
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LTO Ultrium 6 de 2.5 / 6.25 TB
Marca : Sony | Clave : LTX2500G
Sony’s LTO6 Tape cartridges feature a storage capacity of 2.5TB (native) to 6.25TB (compressed), with higher transfer rates of 160 MB/s(native) to 400MB/s(compressed).
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Cartucho de discos ópticos regrabables (ODC) de 1.5TB
Marca : Sony | Clave : ODC-1500R
The 1.5 TB capacity write-once optical disc cartridge offers an alternative to LTO or traditional forms of data tape for the longer-term archiving of valuable assets. Sony optical disc cartridges are available in 300 GB, 600 GB, 1.2 TB and 1.5 TB capacity sizes, in re-writable ..
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Disco profesional triple layer XDCAM de 100GB
Marca : Sony | Clave : PFD-100TLA
The Triple Layer Professional Disc media offers high capacity and high speed. The disc is rewritable and provides quick random access making it a great near-line storage or long-term archive solution.
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