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Disco Duro Portátil de 2TB (FW800 / USB 3.0)
Marca : LaCie | Clave : 9000448
The LaCie Rugged Triple Hard Disk provides universal connectivity: you've got the superior speeds of USB 3.0 and FireWire 800, and full backward compatibility with FireWire 400 and USB 2.0. You can transfer a 700MB video file in less than 7 seconds with USB 3.0, compared to 25 seconds with ...
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Disco Duro Escritorio de 4TB (FW800 / USB 3.0 / ESATA)
Marca : LaCie | Clave : 9000258
Fast and reliable: the d2 Quadra now featuring USB 3.0 Universal connectivity and compatibility Professional grade: 5Gb/s interface, 7200rpm drives Save space: stackable and rack-mount option Advanced power modes for energy savings
Disco Duro Portátil de 2TB (USB 3.0/Thunderbolt)
Marca : LaCie | Clave : 9000489
Tough in the Field. Fast Everywhere. Thunderbolt speeds of up to 387 MB/s* USB 3.0 for universal connectivity Bus powered for complete mobility Shock, dust, and water resistant for all-terrain use
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